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Thursday, 7.22.1999 8:22p.m. EDT By: Ben
  • I added more info in the Pokémon Pinball section although it isn't complete.
  • I added a free for all links section. If you have a site or want to put in someone elses, that is where it goes.
  • Thursday, 7.22.1999 2:15p.m. EDT By: Ben
  • I added info on Pokémon Stadium 2 today.
  • Wednesday, 7.21.1999 5:09pm EDT By: Ben
  • I rearranged the ROMS section. (Yesterday)
  • Also, I added Pokémon Pinball (American Version). (Also Yesterday)
  • Saturday, 7.10.1999 9:52pm EDT By: Ben
    I have fixed a few errors. My collegue, Eric F., has been helping me complete the Guide.
    Wednesday, 7.07.1999 7:56pm EDT By: Ben
    Today, I changed the style of the updates section now that there are more members in the staff.
    Tuesday, 7.06.1999
  • I have made minor changes to the site.
  • Uploaded more stuff that I forgot to earlier.
  • Spent the morning submitting my site to top site lists.
  • All throughout the week, I have and will continue to advertise this site in chat rooms.
  • I will have a quizlet soon.
  • The precceding was written this morning. There will probably be a report again this afternoon.
  • As you can see, I have made several updates (most minor). Thank you Eric F.!!!
  • Also, as you can see, this site is now Y2K compliant. (Notice, above, the 1999 instead of the old 99.)
  • Wednesday, 6.30.99
  • I am back to using the bulleted style due to popular demand.
  • I made a few updates but forgot to upload.
  • I finished a Win My Award Section but I won't upload it until I improve on it a bit more.
  • I added a mailing list above. I will soon have a section for that but until then, sign ups are up there.
  • Saturday, 6.12.99
    Between the last entry and today, I did make several updates. I just didn't feel like writing in the updates section. I can get boring. If you noticed, I am no longer using the bullets for this section. I spent the whole evening submitting this site to webrings. Also, I uploaded a lot of stuff I wanted to but never did. Also, I uploaded Pokémon Card Game. Submitting to webrings can really be a hassle. I got rid of the large banner, too. It takes too long to load. I plan on making a new one. One more before I close this update paragraph, I added to the main page (this one) a marqueeing "Pokémon Paradise". On most machines, it is on one line. On others, it is two. First, it is white. When the mouse is put over one, it changes colors. When it is off, it changes to another. The words Pokémon and Paradise have different colors. Note to users that don't use Internet Explorer 4 or above: It doesn't work. Sorry to write this much. Think of it as a weeks writing. Bye for now.
    Saturday, 5.29.99
  • Added Pokémon Stadium Section.
  • Added more background music including a variator.
  • Friday, 5.21.99
  • Added PokéRap Section.
  • Wednesday, 5.19.99
  • Added Pokémon Snap
  • Monday, 5.17.99
  • Added Super Smash Brothers Section.
  • Added Pokémon Card Game for Gameboy.
  • Added Sounds Section.
  • Friday, 5.07.99
  • Since I am usually making minor changes and adding episodes everyday, I will no longer post updates on them.
  • Wedsnesday, 5.05.99
  • Added an episode.
  • Added Pikachu Genki Dechu.
  • Made minor adjustments.
  • Tuesday, 5.04.99
  • Added another episode.
  • Added info on Pokémon Pinball.
  • Added info on the Yellow version.
  • Made minor changes.
  • Monday, 5.03.99
  • Added Updates Archive.
  • Made adjustments.
  • Added an episode.
  • Sunday, 5.02.99
  • Made adjustments.
  • Added personal counter tag.
  • Saturday, 5.01.99
  • Added a few episodes.
  • Made adjustments.
  • Thursday, 4.29.99
  • Added Virtual Pokémon Section.
  • Added another episode.
  • Made minor modifications.
  • Wednesday, 4.28.99
  • Added a lot more episodes.
  • Found and will publish soon, details on different versions of Pokémon.
  • Changed Chat Interface.
  • Added About the Author Section.
  • Added Java Pokédex.
  • Made minor modifications.
  • Thursday, 4.22.99
  • Added "Welcome Script".
  • Added another episode.
  • Added another point to yesterdays episode.
  • Added Pokémon License.
  • Made minor minor fixes/adjustments.
  • Wednesday, 4.21.99
  • Added Elite Four, Gym Leaders, and Items List Sections.
  • Added another episode.
  • Made minor fixes/adjustments
  • Tuesday, 4.20.99
  • Added an Ad :(
  • Added another episode.
  • Added META Tags
  • Made minor fixes/adjustments
  • Added HMs and TMs Section
  • Monday, 4.19.99
  • Added a few entrees in Episodes section.
  • Added the Land Pokémon list in the Guide.
  • Added New features/enhancements coming section.
  • Listed site to a few search engines.
  • Made minor fixes/adjustments.
  • Sunday, 4.18.99
  • Added Updates Section on Main Page.
  • Added Guide.
  • Made minor fixes/adjustments.