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Hello, my name is Jibben Nee. I live in Framingham, Massachusetts, USA. I am 13, and I was studying at Walsh Middle School in the 8th grade, but now, school is out. I will be studying at Framingham High School next Fall. Feel free to email me at webmaster@pokeparadise.zzn.com about anything regarding my website. Otherwise, email to my main account, ziddey@yahoo.com. If you are interested in stocks, visit my other site, http://thefb.cjb.net/ which is known as The Financial Boardwalk or TheFB. Also, be sure to visit my friend, William Paul Sawyer's own version of The Financial Boardwalk known as TheNewFB. It is found at http://thenewfb.cjb.net/. If you are wondering, I do have plans to link these together in one way or another. Eventually, (actually it should be hopefully) I will start a my own search engine. Soon, I hope to buy http://www.ziddey.com/ in the near future. It has been my nickname for a long time and it sounds right. That is why I have ads on my site; to eventually buy my own domain. Also, if I earn a surplus, (I will keep some for myself!) I will start offering prizes and other giveaways. Ideas are a Pokémon Casino, and a Pokémon Lottery.