Pokémon Card GB

US Release date : Released

Pokémon Card GB box

Pokemon Card GB is a GameBoy color game. It is in full color, unlike regular Pokémon.You are a character (whose name you make up) that travels around Pokémon Card Island. Your task is to earn all 8 Card Badges, and collect all 228 cards, including 2 phantom cards: a Mew and a Venusaur. A great feature about Pokemon Card GB is the ability to Card Pop!, which lets you and your friend each get 1 free card. (The only way that you can find the phantom cards is by card popping, but it might take a lot of popping to get them. You can only Card Pop! once per friend, though, and only if both games are in a Game Boy Color.) Another great feature is the fact that you can print out the cards that you own with a Game Boy Printer.

Card GB's hero

One of the game's best features is the ability to fight someone again. Unlike the original Pokémon, you can beat (or lose) against someone, and then fight them again any time at your own will. In the original Pokémon game, whenever you ran across a trainer's line-of-sight, you automatically had to fight them. In Pokémon Card GB, you aren't obligated to fight. The only thing is, you must beat all of the card players in one gym before you can face the leader. If you want to fine-tune your skills and get more cards, you can beat them again.

Card GB screenshot Card GB screenshot