BULBASAUR: BULB (as in a plant) + SAUR (as in dinosaur)
IVYSAUR: IVY (as in poison ivy) + SAUR (as in dinosaur)
VENUSAUR: VENUS (as in venus-flytrap) + SAUR (as in dinosaur)
CHARMANDER: CHAR (as in charcoal) + MANDER (as in salamander)
CHARMELEON: CHAR (as in charcoal) + MELEON (as in Chameleon)
CHARIZARD: CHAR (as in charcoal) + IZARD (as in Lizard)
SQUIRTLE : SQUIRT (as in water) + LE (as in turtle)
WARTORTLE : WAR (as in battle) + TORTLE (as in a tortoise)
BLASTOISE: BLAST (as in water) + OISE (as in tortoise)
CATERPIE: (as in caterpillar)
METAPOD: META (as in metamorphosis)+ POD (as in him being a pod)
BUTTERFREE: BUTTER (as in Butterfly) + FREE (as in being free from his pod)
WEEDLE: WEED (as in a weed) + LE (as in the needle on his head)
KAKUNA: (as in cocoon)
BEEDRILL: BEE (as in a bee) + DRILL (as in his drills)
PIDGEY: (as in pigeon)
PIDGEOTTO: (as in pigeon)
PIDGEOT: (as in pigeon)
RATTATA: (as in a rat)
RATICATE: RAT (as in a rat) + ICATE (as in ERATICATE)
SPEAROW: (as in a sparrow)
FEAROW: (as in a fearsome sparrow)
EKANS: (as in snake spelled backwards)
ARBOK: (as in cobra, but spell backwards with a "K")
PIKACHU: PIKA (as in a small rodent in Japan) + CHU (as in the meaning for electric in Japanese)
RAICHU: (as in the meaning for high voltage in Japanese)
SANDSHREW: SAND (as in sand) + SHREW (as in a shrew, a small rodent)
SANDSLASH: SAND (as in sand) + SLASH (as in he learns slash)
NIDORAN(F): NIDO (as in the meaning for twins in Japanese) + RAN (as in run)
NIDORINA: NIDO (as in the meaning for twins in Japanese) + RINA (as in the meaning for fight in Spanish)
NIDOQUEEN: NIDO (as in the meaning for twins in Japanese) + QUEEN (as in a ruler)
NIDORAN(M): NIDO (as in the meaning for twins in Japanese) + RAN (as in run)
NIDORINO: NIDO (as in the meaning for twins in Japanese) + RINO (as in the meaning for fight in Spanish, but spelled with an "O" to signify male)
NIDOKING: NIDO (as in the meaning for twins in Japanese) + KING (as in a ruler)
CLEFAIRY: CLEF (as in a music note) + FAIRY (as in a fairy)
CLEFABLE: CLEF (as in a music note) + FABLE (as in a fictitious story)
VULPIX: VULP (as in Vulpes, another name for fox) + IX (as in him having six tails)
NINETALES: NINE (as in the number 9) + TALES (as in tails)
JIGGLYPUFF: JIGGLY (as in moving in a wavy fashion) + PUFF (as in how it gets puffed up when it sings)
WIGGLYTUFF: WIGGLY (as in moving in a wavy fashion) + TUFF (as in tough)
ZUBAT: ZU (as in zoo, a place for animals) + BAT (as in a bat)
GOLBAT: GOL (as in gold) + BAT (as in a bat)
ODDISH: ODD (as in weird) + DISH (as in a radish)
GLOOM: (as in sad, a gloomy bloom)
VILEPLUME: VILE (as in something bad) + PLUME (as in the meaning for an ink pen in French)
PARAS: (as in a parasite)
PARASECT: PARA (as in a parasite) + SECT (as in an insect)
VENONAT: VENO (as in venom, a poison) + NAT (as in a gnat)
VENOMOTH: VENO (as in venom, a poison) + MOTH (as in a moth)
DIGLETT: DIG (as in digging a hole) + LETT (as in a piglett, a baby pig)
DUGTRIO: DUG (as in done digging) + TRIO (as in three)
MEOWTH: (as in the noise a cat makes)
PERSIAN: (as in the Asian domestic cat)
PSYDUCK: PSY (as in psychic) + DUCK (as in a duck)
GOLDUCK: GOL (as in gold) + DUCK (as in a duck)
MANKEY: (as in monkey)
PRIMEAPE: PRIME (as in being primal) + APE (as in a type of monkey)
GROWLITHE: GROWL (as in the noise a dog makes) + LITHE (as in lithium, a flammable substance)
ARCANINE: (as in a canine)
POLIWAG: POLI (as in a polliwog, a toad) + WAG (as in him wagging his tail)
POLIWHIRL: POLI (as in a polliwog, a toad) + WHIRL (as in to whip)
POLIWRATH: POLI (as in a polliwog, a toad) + WRATH (as in to be wrathful, aggressive)
ABRA: (as in a word many magicians use)
KADABRA: (as in a word many magicians use)
ALAKAZAM: (as in a word many magicians use)
MACHOP: MA (as in macho, muscular) + CHOP (as in a Karate chop)
MACHOKE: MA (as in macho, muscular) + CHOKE (as in to choke someone)
MACHAMP: MA (as in macho, muscular) + CHAMP (as in champion)
BELLSPROUT: BELL (as in a bell) + SPROUT (as in the first stage of a seedling)
WEEPINBELL: WEEPIN (as in weeping) + BELL (as in a bell)
VICTREEBEL: VICTREE (as in a victory) + BEL (as in a bell)
TENTACOOL: TENTA (as in tentacles) + COOL (as in cold)
TENTACRUEL: TENTA (as in tentacles) + CRUEL (as in agressive, mean)
GEODUDE: GEO (as in earth) + DUDE (as in a dude)
GRAVELER: (as in Gravel, crunched up rocks)
GOLEM: (as in the Jewish Legend)
PONYTA: (as in a pony)
RAPIDASH: RAPI (as in rapid, moving fast) + DASH (as in to run fast, sprint)
SLOWPOKE: (as in the name for somone who is slow)
SLOWBRO: SLOW (as in being slow) + BRO (as in brother)
MAGNEMITE: MAGNE (as in a magnet) + MITE (as in a mite, a small bug)
MAGNETON: (as in a magnetron, an electron tube)
FARFETCH'D: (as in the meaning for something unbelieveable)
DODUO: DO (as in a dodo bird) + DUO (as in two)
DODRIO: DO (as in a dodo bird) + DRIO (as in trio, three)
SEEL: (as in a seal)
DEWGONG: (as in a Dugong, an arctic seal)
GRIMER: (as in grime)
MUK: (as in muck)
SHELLDER: (as in a shell)
CLOYSTER: CL (as in a cloister, a secluded place) + OYSTER (as in an oyster)
GASTLY: GAS (as in gas) + tly (as in ghastly)
HAUNTER: (as in he haunts)
GENGAR: (as in the meaning for shadow in Japanese)
ONIX: (as in the Onyx stone)
DROWZEE: (as in drowsy, sleepy)
HYPNO: (as in hypnosis)
KRABBY: (as in a crab)
KINGLER: KING (as in a ruler) + LER (as in angle, his claw)
VOLTORB: VOLT (as in volt, electricity) + ORB (as in an orb, as spherical object)
ELECTRODE: (as in a negative or positive part of an electrical cell)
EXEGGCUTE: EX (as in execute) + EGG (as in an egg) + CUTE (as in execute)
EXEGGUTOR: EX (as in an executor) + EGG (as in an egg) + UTOR (as in an executor)
CUBONE: CU (as in cute) + BONE (as in a bone)
MAROWAK: MARO (as in bone marrow) + WAK (as in whack)
HITMONLEE: HIT (as in to hit someone) + MON (as in man) + LEE (as in Bruce Lee, a movie star known for his kicking skills)
HITMONCHAN: HIT (as in to hit someone) + MON (as in man) + CHAN (as in Jacky Chan, a movie star known for his punching skills)
LICKITUNG: LICK (as in to lick something) + TUNG (as in a tounge)
KOFFING: (as in coughing)
WEEZING: (as in weezing)
RHYHORN: RHY (as in a Rhino) + HORN (as in a horn)
RHYDON: RHY (as in a Rhino) + DON (as in to don something, his horns)
CHANSEY: (as in chance)
TANGLA: (as in tangle)
KANGASKHAN: (as in Genghis Khan, in China he was the leader of a fierce band of nomads named the Mongols in the 1200s)
HORSEA: HOR (as in a seahorse) + SEA (as in the sea)
SEADRA: SEA (as in a seahorse) + DRA (as in a dragon)
GOLDEEN: GOL (as in gold) + DEEN (as in queen, a ruler)
SEAKING: SEA (as in the sea) + KING (as in a ruler)
STARYU: STAR (as in a starfish) + YU (as in you)
STARMIE: STAR (as in a starfish) + MIE (as in me)
MR. MIME: (as in a mime, a person who acts out pentomime, acting without speaking)
SCYTHER: (as in a scythe, a large blade)
JYNX: (as in a jinx, a person with bad luck)
ELECTABUZZ: ELECTA (as in electric) + BUZZ (as in a high pitched noise)
MAGMAR: (as in magma)
PINSIR: (as in retracting claws)
TAUROS: (as in the constellation, Tauros)
MAGIKARP: MAGI (as in magic) + KARP (as in the Carp fish)
GYARADOS: (as in gyro, a spinning action, his dragon rage attack)
LAPRAS: LAP (as in someone's lap) + RAS (as in rest)
DITTO: (as in copy, mimic, duplicate)
EEVEE: (as in the name Eve)
VAPOREON: (as in vapor, water)
JOLTEON: (as in jolt, electric)
FLAREON: (as in flare, fire)
PORYGON: (as in a polygon)
OMANYTE: (as in the Ammonite fossil)
OMASTAR: (as in the Ammonite fossil, star shaped)
KABUTO: (as in the meaning for helmet in Japanese)
KABUTOPS: (as in the meaning for helmet in Japanese, tops meaning taller)
SNORLAX: SNOR (as in snore) + LAX (as in relax)
AERODACTYL: AERO (as in aerodynamic, flying) + DACTYL (as in Pteradactyl)
ARTICUNO: ARTIC (as in artic ice) + UNO (as in the meaning for the number one in Spanish)
ZAPDOS: ZAP (as in an electric zap) + DOS (as in the meaning for the number two in Spanish)
MOLTRES: MOLT (as in molten lava) + TRES (as in the meaning for the number three in Spanish)
DRATINI: DRA (as in a dragon) + TINI (as in tiny)
DRAGONAIR: DRAGON (as in a dragon) + AIR (as in air)
DRAGONITE: DRAGON (as in a dragon) + ITE (as in might)
MEWTWO: MEW (as in a Japanese name) + TWO (as in the number two)
MEW: (as in a Japanese name)

Ash: (as in the Japanese name Satoshi)
Misty: (as in water)
Brock: (as in rock)
Lt. Surge: (as in an electrical surge)
Erika: (as in the name Erika, probably a plant lover's name)
Sabrina: (as in the name Sabrina, probably a psychic's name)
Giovanni: (as in Geo, also an Italian name)
Professor Oak: (as in the name Oak, taken from the Japanese name Okido)
Nurse Joy: (as in the name Joy, probably some nurse's name)
Pallet Town: (as in a painter's pallet, a board used to place different colored paints on)
Viridian City: (as in the color Viridian, a blue-green color)
Pewter City: (as in the color Pewter, a silver-gray color)
Cerulean City: (as in the color Cerulean, a sky-blue color)
Vermilion City: (as in the color Vermilion, a bright red color)
Lavender Town: (as in the color Lavender, a light-purple color)
Celadon City: (as in the color Celadon, delicate green color)
Saffron City: (as in the color Saffron Yellow, yellow-orange color)
Fuchsia City: (as in the color Fuchsia, Purple-red color)
Seafoam Island: (as in Seafoam, sudsy foam caused by salt in the sea water)
Cinnabar Island: (as in Cinnibar, a reddish Mercury Sulfide)
Victory Road: (as in the road to your victory, becoming a master)
Indigo Plateau: (as in Indigo, a violet color, plateau is an elevated area of land)