The Legend of Pokémon

What are Pokémon?

First, it is pronounced POH-KAY-MON. Pokémon are species that live in a made up world. They are small monsters that can be captured and tamed to become pets, guardians, or companions. Though your world is filled with the creatures, there are still many left to be captured and studied. As the mysteries of the Pokémon are slowly unraveled, the population of the Pokémon have been steadily rising and the monsters are becoming more aggressive. Now is your chance to become a Pokémon Trainer and possibly achieve the highest title of all: a Pokémon Master! However, you have a long road ahead of you. Though your first Pokémon is given to you, you must root out and capture the rest of the 150 monsters. Your Pokémon will do all the work in capturing the wild Pokémon, but you must train and raise them. You will also face other Pokémon Trainers, who will challenge you to friendly and not-so-friendly matches. You will also find other Pokémon Trainers, who are not looking for trouble, but itching for a good Pokémon trade. Professor Oak, a Pokémon Expert, will give you everything you need to get started. Good Luck!

Types of Pokémon

There are many types of Pokémon: grass, poison, water, fire, etc. When you capture a Pokémon it will be at a certain level. If you use it in fights you can bring up the level. Most every Pokémon evolves at a certain level to something bigger and stronger, but some Pokémon don't. You only have one chance to catch certain Pokémon such as Mewtwo. Pokémon like this are found in the open waiting to be caught. They do not just pop up like other Pokémon. You should save before battling one of these Pokémon. They are usually found in places like caves. Some are legendary such as Moltres and Zapdos. Some Pokémon you have to trade to get. There are Pokémon fossils that you get by talking to people or helping people. You have to bring the Pokémon fossils to a laboratory to revive.

The Whole Story

You are a kid named Ash. Professor Oak is a Pokémon Professor. He sends you on a journey into the world. He has made a new invention called the Pokédex. It automatically records data on any Pokémon you have seen. It has been his life long dream to record all of the Pokémon in the world but now he is too old. He wants you and your rival Gary to fulfill his dream. Prof. Oak lets you and Gary pick one of his Pokémon he has saved. you both get one as a starting Pokémon. You and Gary are sent off into the world to record all the Pokémon to the Pokédex. You are allowed to carry six Pokémon at a time. If you capture one and you already have six Pokémon out, it will be transfered to Bill's PC. A Pokémon Center is where you bring you hurt Pokémon to. In the world, there is a place called the Pokémon League. It is a place where people who caught Pokémon go to battle them to be the Pokémon League Champion. Also in the towns there will be a gym where you have to go to defeat the gym leader. Upon defeating the leader you will receive a badge. In the game there is 8 badges in all in which you have to collect all of them. After collecting the badges you can go to the Pokémon League and fight the Elite Four. If you defeat them, you will battle the current Pokémon League Champion, which is Gary. If you defeat him, you will be the Pokémon League Champion. You and your Pokémon will be in the Pokémon Hall of Fame.

How to Catch Pokémon

You can buy what you need to catch Pokémon at a Pokémart. It is a place where you can buy items. You capture Pokémon with Pokéballs. It is a samll ball that opens and closes to capture a Pokémon. There are a few kinds of Pokéballs, in order of strength: Pokéball, Greatball, Ultraball, and Masterball. In a fight you have to get the Pokémon weak in order to catch it unless you are using a Masterball, which catches Pokémon 100% of the time. You can not buy Masterballs. You can only get them buy beating or helping people. If you do get one, use it wisely. You won't get another chance to get one.