Pokémon Pinball

US Release date : Released

Pokémon Pinball Snapshot

Pokémon Pinball is a game for Gameboy Color where you actually get to play pinball as if you were in an arcade. But the thing is there are actually things to do in the game, some of these are: You must catch Pokémon by doing certain things. You can also evolve your Pokémon much like in the Red/Blue/Yellow. The main menu is also very easy to understand. The top selection is start game, the middle is the Pokédex and the last selection is the Options. There are also bonus levels, and a slot machine to play. Another special feature is the multiball.

Pokémon Pinball Title

It rumbles when played on the Gameboy with the included rumble pak. However, it has to be enabled with batteries. You have a choice which table you choose. You can choose either Red or Blue, as shown below.

Pokémon Pinball Table Selection Screen

The in game controls are very easy to use. A is to move the right flipper. Left on the D-Pad is to move the left. Start is to pause and save, and the rest of the buttons are to shake and tilt the table. Overall this game is very fun and is a must have. Check out some screenshots below.

Pokémon Pinball's Pokédex Pokémon Pinball Screenshot
Pokédex Red Table

Occasionaly, on the bottom of the screen, a black bar shows up which tells you how many Pokémon you caught, how many balls you have left, if you can use Pikachu kickback, and your score.

When you go through the spinner enough times, the thunder meter fills up, a thuderbolt appears on the black bar, and Pikachu can shock you back into the game when you land on it.


  • 50 pts. by passing through a switch
  • 100 pts. for spinning the spinner or hitting the bonus multiplier switch
  • 1,000 pts. for lighting up the field multiplier switch, out lane, or return lane
  • 4,000 pts. for matchup of the field multiplier switch, out lane, or return lane
  • 5,000 pts. for hitting a Voltorb, Shellder, Poliwag, Psyduck, or Diglett
  • 50,000 pts. for hitting a Staryu or Pikachu kickback
  • 100,000 pts. for entering Ditto's cave or going into the mouth of a Slowpoke, Cloyster, or Bellsprout