Pokémon Stadium 2

US Release date : Released as 1

You can do many things in this game. First off, there is the Stadium itself, where there are 4 cups (Petit, Pika, Poké, and Prime). You need to beat 4 modes (Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Master Ball) in the Poké and Prime cups, but only 1 mode in each of the other two cups. You need to beat all four modes in order to fully complete the cup.

Seconly, there is the Event Battle mode, which is a little different than your Game Boy battles. There is a set time limit, from total battle time (5-90 min.) to turn time (10-90 sec.).

Next, there is Professor Oak's lab. There, you can check your Pokédex, where you can draw data from your GB game and view the monsters you have seen in a 3-D Pokédex. You can also trade with friends, organize your two PC's from the Game Boy game, and store up to 240 unwanted Pokémon and up to 100 items each from 4 different GB games on the N64.

Then, there is the Kid's Club. This mode contains 9 mini-games that you use Pokémon in to compete. You can choose to play "Pick a Game." or "Who's the Best?". You can also play easy, normal, and hard modes. You can also play hyper mode if you beat five mini-games in a row in Who's the Best? in hard mode. You can play with up to four players, sort of like Mario Party's games.

Gym Leader Castle is a tournament mode. You battle 4 trainers per gym, the Elite Four, and Rival (Gary). If you lose to anyone in a group of 4, then you need to restart at the beginning of that group. If you lose to the Elite Four or to Rival (Gary), you must restart at the beginning of the Elie Four! This may by frustrating! After beating the Elite Four, you can then battle Rival (Gary). Once you beat him, you recieve a Pokémon Present. (You randomly get an Eevee, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Kabuto, or Omanyte to use on your Game Boy game.)

If you have beaten all 4 cups in the Stadium and Rival (Gary), you can then go 1-on-1 with Mewtwo. If you win, you then reach Round 2, where you can play a harder version of the game. If you beat the Prime cup in Master Ball mode in Round 2 using a trained Pikachu in every battle, your Pikachu becomes a Surfing Pikachu, which can be used to play the mini-game in the Yellow version of the game!

There is also a Hall-of-Fame, which is called Victory Palace. If you put all 151 creatures in there by beating a cup (in Master Ball mode, if in Poké or Prime Cup) or Rival from the castle with them, you also recieve a Psyduck that knows Amnesia and has an extremely high Special.

Another mode is Free Battle. This is just like normal battle from your Game Boy game and the original Pokémon Stadium, but this time, you are teamed up with one other person. This makes a total combination of 12 monsters on each side, but you have to pick 3 each. (Each person controls their monsters, respectively.) You can also take pictures of your creatures in 3-D, like in Snap, but you can choose who to snap, the backgrounds, and how far to zoom. You can then print you pictures at Blockbuster, just like Snap. The last mode is the Game Boy Tower. This is exactly like a Super Gameboy, playing your Pokémon game through your transfer pak. This game not only sounds like a lot of fun; it is.