Pokémon Snap

US Release date : Released

Pokémon Snap title screen

Pokémon Snap is a game for the N64 in which you are a gifted photographer named Todd who rides around in a Jeep called a "Zero-One". You travel into the wild and take pictures of Pokémon in their natural habitat, but no two pictures are alike. In order to lure some Pokémon out of the brush you can feed them fruit, play music, or use another item that you have found, like pester balls. You can view your photos later in a photo album. The graphics are great but gameplay seems to be boring and could get quite old very quickly. One cool feature is that you can even put your game in a machine at Blockbuster and turn your favorite photos into stickers! It costs only $3 to get 4 stickers of each of your favorite 4 photos, making a total of 16 stickers!

Photograph book Bulbasaur

Somebody riding a cart!?!?!? Cute Pikachu!