Charmander I choose you
Do you know anybody who say's radical anymore?
Well she's not really my type
Are you guy's trying to be funny your routine isnt really working for me
Lets boogie!

That was really disturbing
What can I say I'm a great cook
She's beautifull!
Nothing beats a Jelly-filled doughnut
So who are the girls?
I dont care I'm desperate

I want a doughnut
We wasted this episode cheering the good guys
We'd like to thank all of our fans for their loyality and support
Why dont you check out our website
Ohh it's a Tentacruel world

We're not worthy
Ahhh we super sized it
Those aren't Squirtle's there piggles

Yahhh Yahhh we're going to have a picnic
Dont ever raise your voice to me again you bad bad human!
I hate water especially wet water
We're going to make a million
Team Rocket is really slipping
I'm the designated survivor so you both better hold on tight
I wonder if it's possible to get traded to a less embarssing team

Ash have you gotten us lost again
Ash - Real scrawny!
Seel Seel Seel Seel!

Pika Pi Pika chuu
Pika Pika
Pika Pika Pikaaaa
Pika Pikaaa
Pika Pika!
Pika chuuuuuu
(Pikachu shocking Ash)

Nurse - Staying up late is bad for your skin it makes you iratable and ruins your appetite
Who's that Pokemon!
Pokemon theme in ZIP file