Super Smash Brothers

US Release date : Released

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Can Link beat up Mario? Can Yoshi deck Donkey Kong? Can Kirby punch out Pikachu? These and other age-old questions can finally be answered, because the first-ever tournament fighter boasting an all-star cast of Nintendo heroes (and one heroine) has hit store shelves with the impact of a Fox McCloud roundhouse. Crossing multiple universes and alternate dimensions, the most popular of Nintendo's characters grace this bare-knuckle Pak. The eight superstars are Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox McCloud and Pikachu.

Two Pikachu's duking it out

This awesome lineup will answers long-debated questions of the characters' comparative strengths, and the idea of a battle between Donkey Kong and Pikachu is downright hilarious. Each character has a specific 3-D fighting arena, with power ups and obstacles scattered throughout the areas. Two to four players can fight simultaneously on the same screen, or one player can battle through the tournament ladder to reach a secret boss at the summit.

Character selection screen

The goal in each level is to knock your opponent out of the playing field within 5 minutes without losing all of your lives. If you lose or if time runs out before you win, you can choose to continue the game with full lives, but you will lose half of your points. If you dominate the competition, you can sometimes kick them so hard they fly into the sky and turn into a constellation. Link hacks away with his Master Sword, Yoshi slurps up enemies and turns them into eggs, and Fox McCloud is strapped with his trusty Blaster. If you get into trouble, any character can take advantage of classic special attack items like Fire Flowers and Bob-ombs.

Pikachu stats

Super Smash Bros. is full of surprises, like Pikachu's level where random Pokémon are always popping up. It's strange to see two good guys like Mario and Fox McCloud butting heads, but don't worry. When the battle is over you'll discover that all of the characters are actually good friends.

Some cheats for this game are:

  • To find Jigglypuff- Beat the game in any mode
  • To find Ness- Beat the game in Normal mode with 3 lives and not getting to the Continue? screen
  • To find Luigi- Beat Bonus Practice 1 as all 8 initial characters
  • To find Captain Falcon- Beat the game in under 20 minutes
**REMEMBER** You must beat them once you find them to be able to use them!
  • To get Sound Test mode- Beat Bonus Practice 2 as all initial characters
  • To get Item Switch mode- Play multiplayer mode 100+ times
  • To get the Mushroom Kingdom round- Beat the game as all initial characters
  • Reincarnation - If you die in stock team mode and your team mates have at least 2 lives left, press A, B, R, and Start to steal one of their lives
That's all the cheats I know for now!