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    Wednesday, 8.11.1999 10:20p.m. EDT By: Ben
  • I added the Pokémon Adoption Center today. Go there and adopt a Pokémon for your site!!!
  • Monday, 8.09.1999 1:01p.m. EDT By: Ben
  • I added Pokémon Clock and a Win My Award sections.
  • Thursday, 8.05.1999 1:46p.m. By: Ben
  • I added the automated voter to the Vote for Me section. This makes it so that you won't have to vote for all of them one-by-one. Just click on a link and you automatically vote for all of them.
  • Also, I added the prices and price estimates for the games. Go to the release list section to see them.
  • Lastly, I made seeveral enhancements and fixes to the site. These are all minor though.
  • Monday, 7.26.1999 5:22p.m. EDT By: Ben
  • I moved the Release List to its own section.
  • Click here to view the updates archive.

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